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Organizing one's life at the very beginning of a new year usually starts with his or her goal to lose weight. Further down the line is the goal of finding a new job. There is more than enough evidence to show that a high profile professional wardrobe would help maintain the right image for a current job as well as encourage you to get a new one. In fact, you are what you wear when it comes to the business world. If your industry is quite competitive, what you wear and how you wear it will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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Working from home can be exciting. Nevertheless, simultaneously, it can be very distracting, too. If you are having a tough time keeping distractions away while working at home, implement the following steps:

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Saturday, 09 August 2014 22:57

Appearance of Bigness

Very likely, one of the rooms in your house is quite small. Did you ever wonder how great it would be to make that room look bigger? By following some simple but powerful tips, you can change the appearance of your living space.

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Saturday, 31 May 2014 03:56

Interior Psychology. Part Three

The personality characteristics of sanguine and choleric people make them ardent lovers of an active and feverish lifestyle unless situations become extremely serious to completely preoccupy them. The ambition of choleric people makes them more serious than sanguine, but their activity and dynamism manifested through the inherent impulsiveness creates inconsistencies with their systematic or goal-oriented tasks. However, sanguines and cholerics are not conservative or retrograde in nature. This is the reason why bold stylistic solutions ranging from hi-tech Urbanism to avant-garde eclecticism has been recommended for them. Interiors with vast open space and maximum flexibility in planning provide the harmonizing role with the sanguine personality. Warm and light colours like the soft shades of yellow or orange colours are generally recommended to create the variations in furnishing and decoration. Compact modular furniture with elegant design suits the personality of sanguines and cholerics. Surprisingly, the stimulating effects of interior design can be strong enough to change rather steady temperament of sanguine to choleric or even slow paced phlegmatic personality and vice versa. The contrasting colour like terracotta is recommended for sanguines’ room decoration to create harmony with saturated red or black colour, which are their favourites.

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Saturday, 31 May 2014 03:31

Interior Psychology. Part Two

The close interior approach to space planning creates several isolated rooms that serve specific purposes. For example, the isolated rooms like living rooms or bedrooms are designed to serve a specific purpose, and they are not supposed to be used for any other purpose. This close interior approach highlights the importance of individual privacy of prospective dwellers. On the other hand, the open interior approach considers the individual as the part of the society, highlighting the importance of caring and sharing. The social and business interests dominate over the privacy requirements, and interior space is designed to optimize the active, dynamic and communicative lifestyle of the prospective dwellers. The space is still divided into rooms, but they don’t create any functional division of the living space. This open interior approach proves very instrumental in designing modern house structures that require more flexible or visible house planning. The open interior approach is not a new phenomenon in house planning. The architects realized the importance of creating enfilade of adjacent rooms before two centuries ago.

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Saturday, 31 May 2014 02:36

Interior Psychology. Part One

Architecture is the most powerful expression of human creativity. It’s nothing short of a musical treat, influencing the human mind like the beats of a melody vibrating through the building's exterior and interior designs. The creative expression and details of architecture can burst people with joy and cheerfulness as well as harbour the feelings of melancholy.

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