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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the storage solutions guaranteed at all?
The answer to this as we mentioned in the “why should you choose us” section, is yes. All of our products are fully guaranteed for an extended period of time to ensure that customers will always be satisfied with our products.

Do TNG Services offer free standing furniture?
Of course, just what better way to find bedroom accessories that are ideal for you to compliment one's fitted wardrobe. If you buy from TNG, make sure to talk to us about the extensive range of standalone bedroom cupboards, headboards, chests connected with drawers along with dressing furniture we have. Or just take a look on our site on our lovely series of freestanding furniture, to solve the storage space issues forever.

Are your products for sale anywhere else?
The answer to this question is quite simply no. Our products are exclusive and custom for each and every customer. We have to design and measure all storage solutions to suit your needs, so it is extremely rare if ever any two products are the same.

Do we have to book an appointment or can I get a quote online or over the phone?
If you contact us we may be able to give you a rough approximation of the price based on similar sized products we have sold in the past however as every storage solution is unique to your needs it would be much more beneficial to make a free appointment so we can measure and calculate a price with the designs you desire.

How much do your products cost?
As mentioned in the previous question, all prices are custom to the individual customer and design. There are several factors that determine the price of the product. These factors include the size of the storage solution, the finishing the product has and any interior additions you have chosen for the storage solution. Again if you have general ideas and approximate measurements we will be able to give you an approximate price range for the storage solution you desire.

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