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Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment

Prior to a successful kitchen renovation careful planning is crucial. In-depth consultation with a professional kitchen refurbishment company will result in individually tailored design to the needs of its owner.

If you choose work with us, we will want to discuss the following points:

Budget: If we will know a maximum cost you are willing to spend on your project, it will allow us to suggest affordable ways of designing your desirable kitchen. The cost of a kitchen refurbishment depends on many factors such as the amount of labour needed and the materials used.

Kitchen Purpose: Very often the kitchen has to be used for multiple different occasions. We will need to know if your kitchen is going to be used only for cooking or are you planning include a dinning area? Is it a space where family will spend most of the time together? Some dinner party maybe?

Layout: Will your new design change the layout or it will the same as your old one? How to make it a more effective workspace?

Existing appliances and fixtures: Is it going to be complete makeover or some of your existing appliances being retained? It is important to make sure they will fit well with your new cabinets and not look out of place. Perhaps, you do not need complete new units, maybe updated worktops and cupboard doors will more than enough.

Final style: What style do you really like – modern or traditional? Will flooring, lighting, walls and appliances demonstrate an attractive co-ordinated finish?

Easy of Use: Did you find something uncomfortable in your current kitchen? A kitchen remodelling is the ideal time to adjust anything such as worktop heights, storage space, and electrical sockets, eliminate gaps between units and appliances.

Extras: This is final stage with all those individual touches that makes your kitchen a perfect place. Maybe you need a childproof locks or a notice board, disability access for a wheelchair or a perfect place where to display your collection of ceramic pots.

After all details been agreed, work can begin on your kitchen refurbishment project.

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