Five Easy Ways You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Five Easy Ways You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is largely determined by the effectiveness of ventilation present in a house. However, there are many ways to improve air quality that have nothing to do with the intrinsic design of a house.

If you want to improve air quality in your home without getting into a lot of hassle, you can take the following simple steps:

1. Use floor mats in every room

Shoes and sandals can bring a lot of dust inside your house. That is why, it is important to leave a large door mat near every door. That way, dust is captured by the mats and does not enter the house.

2. Let plants give you freshness

Some indoor plants, including aloe vera and peace lily, are known to improve air quality by reducing volatile organic compounds in the air. Such plants remove carbon dioxide and make the air fresh. Hence, keeping a few indoor plants inside the house is never a bad idea. The presence of plants improves not only overall air quality, but also enhances visual appeal, of a house.

3. Deal with sources that pollute

Asbestos can easily pollute a house if left unsealed, so sealing asbestos sources is a good strategy. Stoves have the ability to fill the air with pollutants, too, so cleaning them regularly and adjusting them in a way that minimises pollution is recommended. Apart from that, it is important to deal with any other sources that reduce air freshness, too.

4. Prevent buildup of moisture

Moisture can deteriorate air quality, as well. So, taking small measures, like turning on the exhaust fan when taking a shower, sealing leaks to prevent moisture entry, and removing water promptly after water damage, is important. You can even use a dehumidifier to deal with moisture efficiently and quickly.

5. Keep the interiors clean

Apart from vacuuming your space on a regular basis, use a water mop to eliminate dust. Taking the help of an HEPA filter to purify the air is an excellent idea, too.

Air quality is one of those aspects that do not come to mind very often. Yet, it is an extremely crucial element that affects not only mood, but also health. To live a peaceful and healthy life is crucial to keep the air inside your house fresh and clean at all times. The above steps are good ones to get you started, of course, but those are not the only ways to enhance air inside a house.