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TNG Property

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  • All retail businesses should consider professional shopfitting for their stores. Shopfitting is a term that refers to supplying furniture and display items for retail establishments. A shopfitter can not only design furniture and displays specific to business requirement, it can also supply and install fittings for businesses. Good shopfitting throughout a store can really give a retailer the edge it needs to draw in and maintain a customer base. After all, let’s face it, people are very visual. To put it bluntly, people are attracted to things that look nice.
  • Retailers can use a shopfitter to furnish their stores with effective merchandise displays that can help increase the profits of their business. It makes certain items appear more attractive to consumers. Shopfitting typically provides a store with items like shelving, counters, checkout signs, and depending on the type of store that it is, refrigeration as well. Shopfitting service in one form or another in a store can also add more style to the atmosphere and ambiance of it.
  • When all is said and done, shopfitting is a great service that every retailer needs to consider and add into its budget. Proper shopfitting will definitely add to the value of an establishment and help increase its revenue.
  • Shopfitting London - our commercial shopfitting services are available in London and surrounding areas.
  • On the left is a selection of the projects done by TNG for our clients.
    • Renovation and conversion of a hair extension saloon in Notting Hill.
    • Store renovation for Honour – Waterloo, London

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