Bathroom Renovations

Our wide range of home renovation services offer London and Hertfordshire based customers the chance to stick to extensive renovation projects exclusive of the need to use numerous companies at the same time.

About Project

TNG bathroom renovation services cover installation and design, completed to the highest level of workmanship. Whether you require new bathroom tilling or disability installation we offer our services to a wide range of clients from residential customers to local authority sector.

With our extended experience and transparent assess of the cost for your project, we will convert your bathroom renovation project into a stress-free experience.

You could enjoy the luxury of your new bathroom within few weeks from now. From sleek and contemporary to classical and nostalgic design, we will renovate your bathroom according to your selected design.

Top TNG bath renovations tips

When considering bathroom renovations there are some very important things to consider, mainly your new design should cover all your physical and psychological needs. Here are some of the most important tips.

Choose well-designed features

Some designer’s vivid imagination converted into a great piece of lavatory equipment will produce powerful feelings. A classic claw-foot tub and a pedestal sink with elegant shape are more attractive that a conventional appliances.

Try a bathtub before buying

For most people sixty-inch bathtub is perfectly fine, simply, bigger is not always better. Sixty-inch bathtub is big enough to stretch out and gives a safe foot support, so you won’t drift into unpleasant experience when the bathtub is filled up. Always double check the angled back and neck support for the most comfortable experience; a bathtub for two people is a slightly different, the angled back and neck support is at either end and obviously the tap is placed in the middle of bathtub. An extra deep tub is suitable only if you do not have enough space for larger bathtub.

Flooring with extended durability

The great choice for durable and water-resistant flooring in your bathroom is ceramic, stone or marble tiling. Essentially, you will need subfloor heating to make cold and hard surface warm. As a great alternative offering natural warmth is hardwood flooring, well-sealed hardwood will act well against the other cold surfaces in your bathroom.