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We are highly qualified professionals with an unprecedented reputation as the electrical contractor. Our electrician in Hertfordshire excel in electrical installations and hold City & Guilds qualifications for design, installation, inspection and testing electrical installations. Strict adherence to the latest regulations and high standards define the parameters of our service. We strive for our customer’s satisfaction, and this is the guiding force that leads us towards the path of clean, safe and honest service.

Complete devotion to customer’s satisfaction and commitment in providing quality service has made us the leading provider of unusual products like remote-controlled irrigation system, external sockets for electric cars, power supply for the water pond pumps and remote monitoring of your home through Smartphone or computer from almost any location in the world.

We strictly follow our policy of insuring all the jobs and confidently provide one-year warranty for our services. We have collaborated with many companies to serve our clients and provide help and support in many conventional as well as unconventional areas. Please feel free to contact us as we may still provide the right solution to your problem even if it hasn’t been mentioned on our website.

How We Work

If you are looking for professionals who can inspect your electrical installation for finding faults that create problems in your existing installations, you have come to the right electrical contractor.
Fault Finding
Our engineers specialize in testing and inspecting the following problems in your electrical installation:

  • soaked installation (eg. being flooded by a neighbor)
  • installation damaged by fire
  • tripping breakers
  • tripping RCD units
  • outside lights
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • emergency lighting
  • replacing light fitting
  • replacing sockets
  • replacing switches
  • oven replacement
  • fuse box repair and replacement

You should understand that the cost involved in replacing electrical installation can substantially increase the overall cost of buying a house or real estate. In fact, such unexpected escalations in your cost can erode any expected profit margins. Before purchasing any real estate, you can use our services to have a clear idea about the status of electrical installation and expected cost involved with repairs or modifications. We certify the nature of the job done by us after finishing our work.

Distribution Boards
We provide all kinds of services related to power distribution. We replace distribution boards, damaged components, repair switchboards and provide upgrading services according to the latest regulations.

We specialize in both households as well as commercial installations. We provide repairing services as well as alteration or replacement of single to three-phase distribution boards.

We provide the following services related to distribution boards:

  • single phase distribution boards
  • triple phase distribution boards
  • upgrading to 17th edition
  • domestic consumer units
  • commercial distribution boards
  • RCD units
  • distribution boards testing
  • circuit breakers replacement
  • main switches
  • main isolators
  • fault finding

Staying Within a Budget

TNG Can Provide Start to Finish Services

Power Points
We provide a complete range of a electrical services related to repairing and modification of existing electrical power points and new installations. We always work out the best possible solution and individually analyze each project. This is the reason why we are able to deliver quality service with the least possible implication to internal decorations and working environment. Our engineers are the best professionals to advise you on complicated and vague situations related to electrical system modifications.

Our services related to power points:

  • additional sockets
  • additional weatherproof sockets outside
  • electric car charging points
  • electric oven and shower installation
  • kitchen extractor fans
  • bathroom extractor fans
  • electric heaters
  • fuse spurs
  • RCD sockets
  • RCD units
  • UPS
  • commando sockets
We provide repair, alteration and installation of internal or external lighting on any premises, whether domestic or commercial. We can do any kind of outdoor lighting work such as street lighting, garden lighting, intelligent lighting systems and any specific system you may need. Right from the conventional LED lights to metalhalide and fiber optics, we install all kinds of lighting system for shop windows. In many cases, we recommend the most appropriate solution for saving energy bills of our esteemed clients, which can be seen as our dedication to consumer service.

Our lighting services:

  • indoor lighting
  • outside lights
  • security lights
  • spot lights
  • flood lights
  • extra low voltage lights
  • kitchen lights
  • bathroom lights
  • garden lights
  • low energy lights
  • LED lights
  • halogen lights
  • street lights
  • dimmers modules
  • lamps replacing
  • transformers replacement
  • track lights
  • metalhalide lights
  • switch replacing
Emergency Lighting
Under the prevailing regulations, some buildings have to meet the mandatory provisions of the emergency lightening system. The emergency lightening system consists of Standby Lighting and Emergency Escape Lighting. Emergency escape lighting is further divided into high-risk task area lighting, open area lighting and escape routing lighting. We provide a complete range of emergency services for designing, installing, testing and certifying all types of emergency lighting systems. Our electrical services meet all the quality parameters of BS5266 standards. We also offer regular inspection and maintenance of installed emergency lighting systems.

Our emergency lighting services:

  • emergency lighting
  • exit signs
  • escape routing lights
  • open area emergency lighting
  • high risk area emergency lighting
  • escape route signs
  • standby lighting
What electrical services do you offer in Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage, Hertfordshire?

We are a local company offering a range of electrical services including electrical installations, electrical testing, light fitting, full rewiring, and consumer unit replacements. Our highly skilled electrical contractors are equipped to handle both domestic and commercial electrical needs.

Are your electricians qualified?

Yes, we employ fully qualified electricians who are experienced in a variety of electrical work. We ensure all our electricians are up to date with the latest building regulations to provide you with a reliable and legal service.

How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your electrical services?

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and great service at a good price. All our electrical work is fully guaranteed, and we are always available for a fast response to any electrical emergencies. We come highly recommended as reliable electricians in North London and the surrounding areas.

Can you assist with my garage conversion project?

Absolutely! We have completed work on several garage conversion projects, ensuring all electrical installations are compliant with building control regulations. Whether it’s installing a new light switch, fuse box, or other electrical needs, we’ve got you covered.

How do I choose the right electrical contractor for my project?

Choosing a local electrician from a reputable local company like ours ensures you get a fast response and personalized service. Our reliable electricians are highly skilled, providing great service for all your electrical installation, electrical testing, and other electrical needs at a good price.

Are you compliant with the legal obligations pertaining to electrical work?

Yes, we adhere to all legal obligations concerning electrical work. Our qualified electricians ensure that all domestic work and commercial projects are compliant with the building regulations, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

How do I get in touch for a quote or to discuss my project?

You can contact us through our website or call us directly. We’re always ready to discuss your project and how we can meet your electrical needs, whether it’s a minor electrical installation, full rewiring, or a larger commercial project.

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I have use TNG to finish various hard activities and have discovered them to be quite opportune and true to their dedication to me and my projects and making it a incredible experience.

– Mrs Amanda Cress, Private Property

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I have used TNG to complete a number of difficult projects and have found them to be very timely and true to their commitment to me and my projects as well as doing an outstanding job.

– Mr. Frank Solano, Solano Architecture Ltd.

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Honest, hardworking and totally reliable…

– Mr. Mark Reuben, Mayfair Suites

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