Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you want to transform your bedroom and get a look and feel, which has comfort, elegance and style, then you should consider the French Country style of decoration. This appealing style provides calm colours and elegant furniture and accessories for a dreamy bedroom style.

Light blues and greens are perfect colours for a French country style bedroom. When you go to your local paint store, get paint cards with the colours you plan to use. These will be quite useful when trying to match fabrics like bedding and curtains and accessories in the store.

The bedroom is a great place for elegant furniture and French style bedroom sets are perfect for the boudoir. Stick to a light but elegant style with painted pine furniture. Go for accessories that match the style with curvy lines and prisms. Selecting your accessories and furniture carefully will help hone your French country style decorating interior design.

One common thought in all bedroom-decorating ideas is to paint the walls and make sure you get great window treatments and wall decor. Paint the walls with a beautiful powder blue and try adding romantic artwork in scroll frames.

When decorating, don’t forget about the lighting. Bedrooms are more practical with an overhead light in addition to bedside lamps for ambiance. For overhead lighting don’t be afraid to use an elegant chandelier in the room – it will add drama and appeal and help bring the look together.

Another key element that will help give the room designer the sense of complexity is flooring. Try bringing into play rugs in light colours – blues, greens, light yellows, creams and beiges. Oriental style rugs are great but make sure you stick to the lighter colours. You could also add decorative pillows piled up on the bed and some plants for a soft look.

Another good way to transform your bedroom is to follow the contemporary style. You should stick with beige, black and white tones and colours. Take a trip to your paint supply store and find paint cards with the different shades and select 2 or 3 that attract you. Take the cards with you when buying accessories and you won’t have to guess if the item will match.

Add a few visual focal points by using flower vases and photos in frames along with bed and nightstands. You may want to end up with a minimalistic style with sleek steel furniture. Taking the time to choose the right furniture and accessories will enhance your contemporary decorating interior design effect.