Feng Shui and Home Office Arrangement

Feng Shui and Home Office Arrangement

In the last few decades, Feng Shui has gained a lot of popularity in western culture. Feng Shui is an old art dealing in colour and arrangement, understanding the balance of energy within a living space.

Beliefs are not essential for the understanding of Feng Shui principles. Trial and personal experience of a more efficient working environment may lead you to the basics of our human nature to spend time more pleasantly.

Applying Feng Shui philosophy to your home office may tailor your business performance to be more efficient on a personal and professional level.


When setting up your home office, selecting the right place is important. Feng Shui stresses a location that is closest to the front door of your house. However, you may not have a choice. Try to avoid locations in the basement of your house, as the first floor or higher is more suitable. Feng Shui is reasoning that by the flow of energy upwards. For a basement office, the preferred colour is white with bright lights. Installed fun may help circulate energy and psychologically released claustrophobic feelings.

Desk Placement

Desk position is a crucial for your mental performance. Place your desk facing the entrance to the room with your back to the wall or a corner. If your are right-handed, place your desk so the window is to your left, and if you left-handed so the windows are to your right. Try to avoid placing your desk in center of your home office.

Colour Design

According to Feng Shui, the choice of colour scheme depends on your company goals. If your business strategy is more sales and new deals, then the aggressive red would be the best option. If your company has more than one team member and the ethos is collaboration and cooperation, then a warm colour scheme consisting of orange or tan would be an excellent option. A combination of blue and green is the option for writing or other creative working environments, which is gently calm and endorses creativity.

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