How to Remodel a Small Kitchen to Make it Look Bigger

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen to Make it Look Bigger

If the small size of your kitchen constantly gives you headaches, then it may be time to remodel the space a bit. There are various easy things you can do to make your kitchen look much bigger than it appears now. For example, you can:

Paint your kitchen bright

This is the most important step. Unless you paint your kitchen with light colours, it will never look spacious. Colours like beige, light gray, shades of white, etc. are great for giving an airy and open feel to any space. Moreover, keep in mind that while it is a good idea to use multiple colours, using more than three different shades is not preferable.

Let the light in generously

Natural light has a way of enhancing the ambience of any room. Consequently, it is an excellent idea to use a big window in your kitchen in order to welcome the light in. You can even use a whole piece of glass in place of a wall.

Use the right kind of lighting

When your goal is to make a space look bigger, recess lighting is your best friend. Using fancy lights that hang with the support of the ceiling may look nice in many cases, but you better avoid taking that route in this case.

Hang utensils on walls

It is never a bad idea to hang your cookware items on the walls. That way, your kitchen looks far more spacious than it does when you keep every single cookware on a shelf or above the stove.

Install an island

Sometimes, it may not be possible to install a kitchen island if the space is too small. However, if there is enough space to fit a kitchen item nicely, then by all means go for it. That is because when you have a kitchen island, you can use it as storage of certain items, as well as for cutting and doing some other stuff.

Avoid all kinds of clutter

One thing you need to recognise is that your kitchen will look clean and spacious only as long as you maintain it tidy and clean. That is another way of saying that you do not want clutter in your kitchen. If your kitchen looks disheveled, then having even a huge space will not help you. Openness is closely associated with neatness, and if you do not take care of the latter, then achieving the former is nearly impossible.