9 Strategies to Achieve Killer Productivity When Working from Home

9 Strategies to Achieve Killer Productivity When Working from Home

Working from home as freelancer can be exciting. Nevertheless, simultaneously, it can be very distracting, too. If you are having a tough time keeping distractions away while working at home, implement the following steps:

Concentrate well

1. Clean up your desk

Messy surroundings are not suitable for focusing on a task. Remember always to keep your office space clean. Find some time every week to make things tidy. You will be able to concentrate far better if your desk looks neat than you will if the desk has hundreds of cluttered documents and scattered books.

2. Turn on the music

TV is notoriously bad for distracting people from work. However, radio can work differently if you use it for listening to soothing music. Beautiful music has a way to propel us to concentrate better. You can use a home theatre, too.

3. Take a deep breath

When you work in an office, you get lunch break and other breaks. It should be the same when you work from home. We are not very good at concentrating for multiple hours at a stretch. So break your day into parts and relax from time to time.

Increase productivity

4. Choose the right furniture

When in the office, nobody likes to sit in a chair that gives backache after an hour or two. When you work from home, picking the right furniture is crucial, as well. The good thing is, you can be far more creative, informal and flexible when choosing furniture for your home office compared to a traditional office.

5. Welcome light

When there is natural light, we automatically relax, and that helps us work better. So make sure that you open the windows and let the light in.

6. Get a whiteboard

Office whiteboards are great for keeping track of daily work list, and also, for recording creative ideas for future reference. You can do the same thing when at home.

Manage distractions

7. Say bye to errands

Do not go out to buy milk, or to pick up your cousin from the airport during work hours. Just because you are at home, your job does not become a second priority.

8. Avoid socialising

Just because you work from home, you do not automatically have time to chit chat with your neighbours or pay a visit to your friends whenever you like.

9. Wake up early

If you have kids, you can accomplish a lot more early in the morning when they are still sleeping. So stop being lazy!