Decorating Boy’s Bedroom

Decorating Boy’s Bedroom

Looking for some tips and ideas that will help you to get started with the decoration of your kiddos’ bedrooms? If your son is just out of his baby bedding, and ready to have big-boy styles, get ready to rumble! There is much to choose from.

When you are unquestionably ready for a complete room redo then, you must plan the colours of the wall and window treatments as the entire look minus some minor changes will last for many years to come. When starting with decorating your son bedroom, paint is cheap, but it has a fair amount of work. Window treatments are for the most part more expensive to buy and required lots of work to done but if you can make them in a style that will last; that would be a clever idea.

Where Should You Begin Decorating Boy Bedroom

You should start by taking notes of your inventory – what do you already have that you want to use in the room re-do? Did you use a convertible crib for him when he was a baby? If so you already have a headboard, and if you planned ahead when you bought his dresser and nightstand, you are all set there as well. However, if you want to buy those large storage items, you will buy at the same time what he will need as a teen.

Unless you or he prefers a complete bed, you can probably get away with just the headboard when decorating your boy’s bedroom. Bedding fits them better anyway. Trying to tuck bedding in and around a footboard is a pain. Get a nightstand that has a drawer and cupboard, or bank of drawers, so he can put stuff in there and keep it off the floor and out of the site.

Buy a decent size dresser, because as he grows, so will the amount of space his clothes take up. If you opt to not get an entertainment centre, get a dresser that will work to hold the TV on the top.

Above all, keep in mind that this is not only a bedroom; it is a play room, a hideaway, his office for doing homework and will be housing toys as well as furniture. Also, toys and play usually means friends and rough housing. So whatever you choose to do for your boy’s bedroom, make it durable! There may be camping, science projects, crafts, reading, snacking and of course homework going on in there.