Feng Shui tips for Kitchen and Bedroom

Feng Shui tips for Kitchen and Bedroom

Feng Shui is the art of living in a harmonious flow of energy within our living space. It has its origins in the ancient civilisations of Far East China and India.

With global architectural development and multimedia communication, the spirit of Feng Shui is no longer just for ancient civilisations; it has obtained relevance to current lifestyles in many western countries. The strength of Feng Shui ideas is relevant to working spaces such as offices, homes and other residential places. Supported by the ideas of equivalent energies deeply associated with nature and environment, Feng Shui endeavours to generate positive energy flow in your most important vicinities of life. To experience the positive aspects of Feng Shui it is essential to survey some of the most used places in a house or business.

In every day life, the kitchen and bedroom are the most significant features of a house; the Chinese even believe the kitchen stove is the starting place for health and prosperity. Kug, known as birth number in China, helps to find out the best life path for every individual.

Feng Shui in your Kitchen

Feng Shui accepts as true that incorrect kitchen arrangement may pass misfortune on your family. The kitchen shouldn’t be located directly below or nearby the toilet; it shouldn’t be in the center of the house either. The cooking gas or stove is an opposite form of energy to the sink, and they should not be placed on the same slab.

Water and fire are considered as opposite forms of energy. Water may put out fire; therefore, according to Feng Shui, it is advisable to separate those two energies. The fridge is considered as a water energy element, and it is advisable to separate it from fire. The ideal organisation of those elements is creating the triangle constellation formed of stove, sink, and fridge.

It is advisable to decrease the uncomfortable feeling when someone is cooking by placing the stove adjacent to the door. A reflecting mirror may be a solution, as a last resort.

Overheated lights over the stove are believed to be a reason for financial crisis. By hanging the bamboo flutes at an angle of forty-five degrees you may eliminate said effect.

An appropriate colour for a kitchen is green alongside the right appliances of everyday use that attracts positive energy Chi.

Feng Shui in your Bedroom

According to Feng Shui, a bedroom door is supposed to open at a 180-degree angle, as that is a symbol for opportunity and prosperity. A bedroom door that opens at less than ninety degrees may constrict energy flow and opportunities.

As a greeting message, it is advisable to place on the doorway to a bedroom something pleasant such as art, sculpture or a family photograph.

To empower a good night’s sleep it is essential to convert your bedroom into a peaceful and quiet cradle by limiting the negative aspect. A cluttered room symbolically means there is still something not done correctly in your life. To optimise the functionality of your resting place, reduce the number of unused articles essential for your life. Merely do not use your bedroom as storage!

The sleeping direction suggested would be one that helps you face the door. When you wake up, your feet facing the door may help you feel that you are in control and command for the rest of day.

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