How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture like a Pro Interior Decorator

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture like a Pro Interior Decorator

A bedroom can look either wonderful or ridiculous, depending on how you arrange the furniture pieces inside it. If you thoughtfully arrange every piece of furniture, your bedroom will look great, and if you thoughtlessly arrange the same items, your bedroom will look unimpressive.

The good part is, you do not need a degree in interior decoration to make your bedroom look beautiful. You just need to read this article.

Maintaining proper order

The order in which you arrange your furniture pieces in your bedroom is important. Typically, you want to place the bed first, followed by your dresser. After that, place the nightstand. Any other furniture piece should be placed only after arranging the big three!

Picking the right spots

So where exactly should you put the items? Well, the bed is best placed in the middle portion of the wall opposite to the entrance. Avoid placing it right below a window which gets opened a lot. Putting it between two windows on either side is fine though, as long as neither window sits right above it. As far as the dresser is concerned, the general advice is to place it on any side of the bed headstand. The nightstand should be typically put in the opposite direction to that of the dresser.

Tips to remember

In addition to remembering the above points, keep in mind the following things:

Shop only after understanding your room

If you truly want to make your bedroom look gorgeous, you need to buy your furniture items only after carefully analysing and measuring your bedroom. Take a tape and measure the size of the walls, windows and doors. Note the location of the windows and the entrance. And then buy furniture accordingly.

Respect colour scheme

If every piece of furniture you buy looks drastically different in colour and style from the others, your bedroom will look like a vanity fair. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind a particular colour scheme when buying furniture. Generally, matching the furniture items loosely with the wall colour is a good idea.

Keep room size in mind

If you buy a king size bed for a tiny room, you will leave no space whatsoever, and vice versa. The size of your bed and other furniture pieces needs to compliment the size of the room.

Focus on making the ambience spacious

No matter how you arrange everything, maintaining an airy and open feel is important. Placing the bed in such a way that it blocks the entrance is a bad idea, and so is setting everything tightly to make your room look cluttered.