How to Turn a Bedroom into a Serene Minimalistic Repose

How to Turn a Bedroom into a Serene Minimalistic Repose

A minimalistic bedroom gives you pride, soothes your senses, and makes cleaning easy. Minimalism is not for everyone. It is only for those who live and breathe simplicity and want it to define and inspire them.

Minimalism is taking a single object and using it for multiple purposes. Minimalism is reducing clutter in the world without in order to reduce clutter in the world within, and minimalism is, in many ways, respecting quality over quantity.

If you have a simple and elegant soul that values calmness and peace of mind, above anything else, the following tips will help you turn your bedroom into a serene minimalistic retreat.

Get minimalistic furniture

Furniture items that look complex, or have royal curves, come handy when your goal is to give your bedroom the perfect vintage or classic look. But such items do you not good when it comes to making a bedroom minimalistic. A minimalistic bedroom thrives on simplicity, and simplicity requires the use of calming furniture; take, for example, a basic elegant dresser, a wall mounted bedside table and a platform bed.

Use soothing shades

Loud shades of colour like green, red, yellow and pink, make a room look somewhat overbearing. Minimalistic rooms are never overbearing. Such rooms are soothing. And so, such rooms require the use of soothing shades, like white, beige, charcoal, grey and cream. The right combination of a few soothing shades can bestow a bedroom a luxurious, yet classy vibe.

Appreciate good art

Reducing clutter is the primary motivation behind a minimalistic approach, yet minimalism has room for a good piece of art or two. Exhibiting a beautiful but simple flower vase on the nightstand, or using a tranquil painting on the wall opposite to the bed, is never against the values of minimalism. Such practices are, in fact, encouraged.

Install simple flooring

The floor of a minimalistic bedroom is rarely patterned. A minimalistic bedroom looks best when a solid floor enhances its appeal. Even rugs used inside a minimalistic bedroom need to be easy to the eyes. Easy means understated colours and patterns, not loud shades and intricate lines or textures.

Minimalism is not a decoration style; it is a way of life – one that requires control of impulse. If you really believe that you have mastered the art of controlling your desire, congratulations! You are ready to embark on the immensely peaceful and rewarding journey called minimalism.