How to clean window blinds

How to clean window blinds

I can remember taking down all our window blinds and scrubbing them to remove all the dirt and grime from each set when I was a child.

The biggest part (and the worst part) of spring-cleaning was getting those blinds back up on the windows.

However, we had much fun washing the blinds because we would often scrub them in the pool.

Sometimes, we included the dog in the spring-cleaning, which made spring-cleaning unpopular for the dog, also.

Now when I am getting older, I realize that dirty window blinds do not just get magically clean on their own. They still get dirty and still need deep cleaning. However, the whole process does not have to be as difficult as it was when I was a child because now I’ve learned how to clean blinds without taking them down.

So to solve the worst part of spring-cleaning, just clean the blinds where they hang.

Naturally, some people will still hire professional house cleaners to do their blinds the traditional way.

However, why pay all that money when you can do it yourself without the process being so hard like it used to be?Here is what you will need to clean your window blinds effectively:

  • a few clean rags;
  • а vacuum cleaner or blow dryer;
  • warm water; and
  • а few drops of hand dishwashing liquid;

How to clean aluminum and vinyl blinds

Frequently blow-dry, dust, or vacuum blinds, paying special attention to the floor. Take action to be free of pet hair if you have pets.

Use a moistened cloth to wash aluminum or vinyl blinds. Decrease static electricity by leaving a small film of detergent on the vanes.

Washing wood blinds

Use a wet rag (with a few drops of dish-washing liquid) to wash the louvers while they are tilted upward.

Remove dirt and grime as much as you can in the eyelet holes at the end of each row.

Take care, not to scrub too hard so you will not wash away the blind design (if any).

Now, tilt the louvers downward and wash them again. This takes care of all the dirt you will find in the middle.

If you have stained wooden blinds, try not to get them wet so you will not mess up the finish. Use lemon oil or wood furniture cleaner instead of water and dishwashing liquid.

Most window shades, valances, and curtains that aren’t lined are washable.

However, if the shades, valances, or curtains have sun rot, then it is better to get new ones instead of washing rotted ones.