How to Save Energy and Money with DIY Projects

How to Save Energy and Money with DIY Projects

To save energy at home is one of the best wins to win deals. This is because it also saves you some money. It is also exciting because many DIY projects are easy, inexpensive and fast. Even though some of the projects might be small, you start noticing some changes after some months.

Below are 4 easy DIY projects on how to save you money and energy.

1. Computer power management project

Personal computers and other related fittings such as printers, scanner and photocopier can consume a lot of power. To reduce the power consumed, you can put all related equipment on one power strip. This is to make sure at night you turn off everything with just one switch. And during the day, you can set your computers to hibernate when inactive for a long time.

2. Replace old bulbs with LED bulbs

Replacing old bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs is another way to save power and money. With LED bulbs, you can be sure you will save power and money for a very long time. There are numerous varieties of LED bulbs in the market including lights with dimmer switches and decorative bulbs. Even though LED bulbs are more expensive than standard bulbs, they can last up to twenty years. This makes them a good long term investment.

3. Having a solar energy system

Do you know that you can start a solar energy project to heat your house, and do it very inexpensively? Building your own solar panels is an exciting project and there are different ways to get the panels. You can buy one or build your own.

Having a solar panel is a great way to cut your power costs significantly, and the panels can even last for more than twenty years. Just imagine of the power and money savings you would acquire over 20 years.

4. Insulate hot water pipes

When you insulate your hot water pipes, it helps to reduce heat loss and also raise water temperature. It can be a challenging project but can save you a lot of money annually.

So, if you want to start saving power and a few bucks with DIY projects, these are some of the easiest projects you can start with. Just think of the saving you would incur over some years. Try them now and you may end up being the envy of the community for your home improvement projects, and for sure they will envy how you save energy and the costs.

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