How to start with your kitchen redesign

How to start with your kitchen redesign

When you shape your kitchen design, the biggest difficulties are associated with drawbacks of preparation and lack of space. Suitably selected kitchen furniture can solve this problem. The main thing is to be able to imagine how your kitchen will act when it’s finished.

So, you’ve made up a record of all kitchen equipment with an indicator of its size. Now pay attention to technical details, including precise location and measurements of the ventilation, pipes, wiring, outlets, flexible (gas, water supply) hoses, etc. Do not forget that the typical depth of household appliances is 600 millimetres if you’re going to purchase all parts of the kitchen interior.

The dominant of the space is high storage cabinets for foodstuffs and stuff like brushes, sweepers, etc. In case you would rather an inbuilt grill or oven, it’s the high storage cabinet that can adapt them without breaking the uniformity.

Now, let us talk a bit about on-floor cupboards. We suggest that you plan the space of on-floor cupboards in this way. The most frequently used items may be easily reached (pullout rotating shelves) while the dishware that is infrequently used may be put on the normal shelves.

A detail: baking sheets and trays may be handily settled below the on-floor table, which can have any width, determined by your demands.

The conventional height of cupboards is 600 millimetres, but you can get 900-millimetre cupboards if needed. They’ll reach the ceiling in classical flats. Corner wall-mounted cupboards have either a folding door or open ledges, which makes all the contents visible; the rotating ledge is remarkable for benefit and its capability.

The space between overhead cupboards and the work surface is known as the apron. Such focus to the design of the apron is joined with the fact that the wall should be protected by it from getting dirty, as an example, from dirt that is easily washed off. The work surface is frequently overloaded with items and at the same time their quantity causes the sensation of discomfort. We’ll free it with the aid of the apron. Another nuance: the ornamental nook (plinth), made of substances that are water resistant, will protect the rear surfaces of on-floor cupboards from ingress of moisture.

Metal surfaces represent ultramodern directions of finishing (stainless steel, aluminium) and heat-resistant glass. No kitchen can do without hushed helpers, including a gas cooker, fridge, sink. Selection of equipment depends on you. When the kitchen is modest, sink and the equipment should be streamlined.

There are sinks of different shapes and sizes; in our view, it’s far better to pick around sink created from stainless steel. It’s smaller in relation to the square one.

Inbuilt kitchen equipment is higher priced, though more suitable. You may use any mix of equipment at your preference. This principle is known as “Domino”. The basic modules are electric and gasoline burners, an oven, and a cooking panel. A significant drawback that keeps a lot of individuals from purchasing equipment that is inbuilt is its high cost.

Your imagination will indicate what components of decor are important in your interior, and these can be porcelain sets, paintings, blooms or simply adorable trifles. The interior designers of the well-established company will help you to orientate in the infinite number of household appliances and kitchen furniture. With their help your kitchen will be comfy and not only handy, but it may also become a distinctive expression of your personal lifestyle.