Making Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger: 3 Tips to Help You

Making Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger: 3 Tips to Help You

Not everyone wants a bathroom that looks like a huge hall. Many people like small and cozy bathrooms, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, the problem is, most people do not know how to decorate a tiny bathroom. As a result, their bathrooms end up looking like cramped spaces having a somewhat repulsive feel. If you are not careful enough in applying the right colours and using the right fixtures and furniture, a not-so-large bathroom can start looking even smaller. And you certainly do not want that.

The good news is, it is not very hard to make a small bath look bigger. You just need to follow these tips:

1. Use the right furniture and fixture

First of all, you do not want to be using huge furniture pieces inside a small space. That is the quickest way to ruin the whole airy feel. If you must use a bathroom shelf, make sure that it clings to the wall and takes up minimal space. In addition to that, avoid using dark furniture, because that will make the space look cramped. Use light colored furniture items like cream, beige, white, etc. The same applies in the case of fixtures.

2. Apply bright colours

Colour is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect that determines whether a small space looks cramped or feels open. Using dark colours like brown, black, deep red, etc. will only help you if you want to give the impression that your bathroom is even smaller than it actually is. Dark colours are notorious for making even large spaces feel small, and since we are talking about making your bathroom open and airy, dark colours are something you want to avoid. Use colours such as light blue, light grey or other light colours. Also, note that the ceiling is best painted with white because that is the most effective way to make a bath look broader, higher and spacious.

3. Embrace huge mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror to allow you to view your face. But that is only one-way mirrors can be used. You can use mirrors to make a bathroom look really spacious, too. The trick is to use a mirror that takes up a whole wall. If doing that is not possible for any reason, you should at least use a large enough mirror that does a good job of making the bathroom look bigger. One very effective trick is to use two large mirrors on the opposite walls. That way, your bathroom feels like a never ending zone.