The Only Bathroom Renovation Checklist You Need to Achieve Perfection

The Only Bathroom Renovation Checklist You Need to Achieve Perfection

Bathroom renovation is one of the most mentally challenging projects you will ever find yourself dealing with. Yet, if you follow the following steps closely, the whole thing will start appearing simple:

Find out what you like
By looking at bathroom pictures found in popular home decor journals and magazines, first find out what you really like. Then make a list of all the tile varieties, fixture types, door models, etc. that impress you.

Get contractor recommendations
You can start asking your friends, colleagues, hardware store owners and others about good contractors in your area months before beginning the actual work. That is because starting ahead will allow you to have the right contractor list when you finally need one.

Sketch your idea
Without having a plan, you will go nowhere. So sketch the mental image of your favourite bathroom on a paper. Take into account closets, cabinets, mirrors, doors and everything else when making your sketch.

Determine budget
Only about one-third of your budget will be spent on tiles, fixtures, shower doors, etc.; the larger part will be used for labour. So after you know what your maximum budget is, plan accordingly. The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimated the average bathroom renovation expense to be £11,000, so keep that in mind too.

Get a reputed contractor
Before about a month of beginning your renovation project, contact a good contractor and sign a contract. It is critical to making sure that your layout plan is right by showing it to your contractor. Also, after signing a contract, your contractor should make a plan that includes project commencement date, the date by which materials will have to be purchase, approximate completion duration and the likes.

Buy fixtures and tiles
If you want to use ready-made tiles, you can buy those for about a week, or even less, of starting your project. But, in case you want the hand-painted variety, it is best to contact your tile maker at least 3 months before.

Go for accessory shopping
When your plan seems perfect and everything is approved by your contractor, go shopping because it is a fun time! Buy exciting towel hook, innovative toilet paper holder, eye-catching towel bar, etc. Also, do not forget the curtains!

Pick the right paint
In order to determine what paint colour will work best, it is best to wait till the tiles are laid out. If you pick a colour before that, it may not work out too well.

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