Organizing Your Child’s Room: Innovative Design Ideas

Organizing Your Child’s Room: Innovative Design Ideas

Any space that a child frequents can be hard to keep picked up and organized. Children are not the best at cleaning up. Complicating the problem is the fact that their bedrooms are often not that large. Since there are a lot of toys and other items to store, it is hard to make these spaces look fun and welcoming.

How do you get over this issue? Storage is the answer to the problem; you can try and get rid of unnecessary items, but the fact is, your child will continue to accumulate “stuff” at every birthday party and holiday celebration. Turn your attention to learning more about how to keep your child’s things put away. At TNG Services, we’ve worked in many of these spaces and we know how to keep them functional. We have many tips to share with you; you will be amazed at what you can do in such a small space!


If you are like countless parents, you probably installed a couple of cute shelves in your child’s nursery when he or she was born. You likely had no idea how quickly those shelves would get filled with stuffed animals, pictures and books. Therefore, when putting up shelving, you need to think about storage ahead of time.

If the room is an unusual shape, consider using tall corner shelving. This helps you utilize the available space in a very efficient way. Since the top of the shelving unit will be difficult to reach, put pictures or other mementos up there that you will not need to take down on a regular basis.

Also, consider putting in cabinets or shelves that have room to hold boxes. These boxes, which are often made of fabric, can easily hold toys and other items that you do not want scattered all over the floor. As you are searching for the right boxes for your child’s room, think about picking clear boxes. This allows you (and your child) to know immediately what is inside, so you don’t have to dump each box out to find what you are looking for.


Obviously, there must be a bed in your child’s bedroom. However, the bed you select can serve more than one purpose. For example, space underneath the bed is often ignored, and it is the perfect place to store items like toys and shoes. If there is no storage included with the bed that you buy, purchase some boxes to put under there.

A raised bed is another idea, as it allows you to utilize all available space in a very efficient way. Once the bed is installed, you can add drawers or cupboards beneath it. However, if you actually want to design the space so that it functions well for your family, speak to a company about creating a bespoke bed for you. You can then figure out what you want to have under the bed; for example, you could put in a desk, design a play area, add a bookcase and so much more!

Your child will also enjoy the design process and can have some input on the finished product. This will help them enjoy their bedroom space even more. If you want to have one of these beds designed, you can contact a carpenter or a furniture company. However, because this is a big job, and because your child will be sleeping in the bed each night, it is important to investigate anyone that you are thinking about using. Don’t just go with the least expensive option; find someone that does quality work.

Do you want to change up your child’s bedroom to make it work better for your family? Talk to us about the options that are available to you. We can work wonders with even the smallest spaces! You will never again have to look at a messy room, frustrated because you don’t know where to start with the clean up.

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