Appearance of Bigness

Appearance of Bigness

Very likely, one of the rooms in your house is quite small. Did you ever wonder how great it would be to make that room look bigger? By following some simple but powerful tips, you can change the appearance of your living space.

It is absolutely not inconvenient whether it is your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. By following several basics rules, you can easily transform a smaller room into one that seems to be larger than it actually is. One of the most basic things is keeping your clutter to a minimum. That simply can mean buying a drawer organiser where you can find new home for all of the random articles strewn across the top of your desk. Get a bookshelf for your books instead of storing them on the floor or on your table. Try to limit your items only to the amount that comfortably fits into your current storage space. Get rid off everything that you haven’t used for the last eighteen months.

Colour choice is the next most important part of this transformation. It should be obvious that a dark colour scheme will decrease the visual impact of an open space by limiting the light source. In order to increase the effect of openness and make your room feel larger, a bright colour scheme would be a more appropriate choice. Light colours such as beige, cream, yellow, or pale white reflect light from the sun and lamps much better and create a spacious feel. Reinforce the appearance of a larger living area with light coloured carpeting or rugs.

Everything is an optical illusion in which vertical stripes fit really well. Increasing the appearance of openness by employing vertical stripes is a commonly used trick. Thin stripes on wallpaper or strokes, if you prefer to paint, that reflect the colour of your furniture can make any room feel larger.

Lighting is the next crucial factor for spacious transformation when we need to overcome our senses. Choose lamps with light coloured shades that will barely reduce the luminosity, and check your light bulb wattage. It is recommended that you use 75 watts or higher. However, check with lamp manufacturer guidelines.

When it comes to furniture in your small room, it often comes down to your personal budget. If you can afford it, get tall furniture that will add an effect of height against the walls. Save space with every opportunity. For example, instead of a full size sofa, go with a love seat. If possible, avoid tables or go for narrower end tables. Excellent ways to brighten your room include using floor lamps by placing them beside or behind large furniture.

Arrangement of furniture in your small room shall follow the pattern of placing a large piece alongside a small piece. For example, place your tall bookshelf next to a love seat or a floor lamp next to a chair with a short back. If you are working with a limited budget and you have to use second hand furniture, try to arrange it according to the suggested pattern as best as possible.

Very likely you may need an additional storage space for your articles. Try to get baskets that can be placed under the love seat or inside shelves. Try to keep your clutter organised, and your room will look more spacious.