Office Decorating Pointers

Office Decorating Pointers

Any office can use a little flare. Since you occupy this space for at least 40 hours of the week, the least you can do is make this environment one that is both pleasing and productive. You can say a lot by maintaining an office space that is simplistic, comfortable, organised, and personalised without compromising professionalism.


Consider the image you want to communicate to others when they approach or view your office space. For example, a journalist or graphic artist will most likely have a space that reflects creativity. A financial adviser or bookkeeper will have a space that demonstrates the organisation.


Use colours to enhance your environment. For example, neutral tones like tan, beige, and off-white are appropriate options for professional office spaces, but vibrant colours are more suitable for art studios or day cares.


Take some consideration into selecting your office furniture. Stainless steel and light-colored woods work great in the classroom or a receptionist’s office, but darker-colored woods (like mahogany) work great in more traditional office spaces.


Select an affordable chair that is comfortable and can be adjusted to suit for comfort needs. Because prolonged sitting often encourages carpel tunnel, headaches, back pain, defective posture, sciatica, and other health issues, it is important to get an ergonomic chair.


Try to find a conference table that is not too big for the assigned place. Also, try to get your hands on a credenza box, a bookcase, or a bookshelf unit so you can have an efficient way to store and display your books.


Get a collection of artistic pictures or paintings to accompany your framed degrees and credentials.


A living office plant does more than just add decorative charm to your desk space. Scientific studies have proven that the presence of a live office plant increases work productivity and helps remove toxins from the air.


Try finding other decorative items to enhance the appearance of your desk or credenza. You can add a pen or pencil holder, cute picture frames for family photos, a business card holder, and a clock to accent your office space.


Make sure your office space is well lit. You can achieve this by creating a natural balance between your office light installations and sunlight.
Make sure that the type of plant you select has enough sunlight to survive in your office. If your space does not have enough sunlight, then choose a plant that thrives in fluorescent light (like bamboo).


Stay within your budget. Don’t go overboard with decorating your space because the price of furniture and accessories can build up higher than an amount you are comfortable spending.