Simple Ways to Make Your House Eco-Friendly

Simple Ways to Make Your House Eco-Friendly

In the journey to becoming civilised, we have come so far that it seems almost impossible to give up many of the modern luxuries at this point. Yet, if we are to continue living in this world and let our children live here in future, we must use whatever resources we have got wisely.

In many ways, acting wisely to preserve all that is natural involves making our house eco-friendly. And despite many people thinking that it is hard to make a house eco-friendly, the truth is different. There are some simple ways to make your house eco-friendly; like the following:

Use CFL bulbs

Incandescent bulbs can create great ambience; that is true. However, incandescent bulbs waste a lot of energy in order to do their work. If you replace even a single incandescent bulb in your home with a CFL bulb, you will see a dramatic decrease in your electricity bill. Most people think that CFL lights are boring. Perhaps that is the case. But just like everything else, there are good CFL bulbs and there are bad ones.

Employ cooling measures

When the days are hot, your air conditioner seems like your best friend. But using an air conditioner is not the only way to stay cool. A simple fan can provide relief from the heat to some extent, without consuming a massive amount of energy. Using proper ventilation can help you reduce heat inside your house, too. Even CFL bulbs can make you stay cool as such bulbs reduce the room temperature. There are plenty of other ways to naturally decrease room temperature, too.

Get indoor plants

Indoor plants have a way of keeping air fresh by filtering volatile organic compounds. If you plant a few plants indoors, you will not have to make use of an air purifier. Golden pothos, spider plant and aloe vera are just a few plants that maintain healthy air quality indoors; there are many others that offer similar benefits. Also, besides purifying air, indoor plants make a house aromatic and beautiful.

If we continue using natural resources in a manner that is best described as ‘exploitation’, we will have nothing left in future. So, we need to act now in ways that serve our interests and the interests of nature. We need to embrace ways that are eco-friendly, even if some of those ways force us to compromise in little, or even big, ways.